Thursday 15 December 2010


Webmaster (NK) writes:

During the last few weeks, photos of Accrington Eco-Station have been displayed on this website, and today marked the Official Opening Ceremony although the Station itself has been in public use since 18 October 2010.

I decided to attend this occasion, as a bystander, to take photos of the station as it now exists, a stark contrast to its former days.


To view the photos of the Eco-Station in Gallery 14 (Brian Haworth),

click here

Alighting from the Blackpool North - York service, the train, on departure from Accrington, slowly proceeds over Accrington Viaduct.

A subsequent Blackpool South - Colne service, in the afternoon, barely managed to negotiate the very sharp curves, reason uncertain - partial engine failure and/or slipping?

Above the new Booking Office is dwarfed by the new adjacent supermarket


Crossing platforms by the footbridge (note the copious steps and steep incline) would quite arduous for those, who are not in the best of health although a quick solution to this problem does not immediately come to mind.

The new Station Car Park

The lighting columns to the Car Park include the provision of PV
panels attached to the individual lighting units.

The intended result is the production of sufficient power generation to sustain
the Car Park lighting levels as carbon neutral.

. . . and above with Accrington Viaduct just visible




Looking towards Blackburn on a cold wintry day with a more substantial shelter being provided than the corresponding one on Platform 4 at Blackburn - to be rectified, I am led to believe, in due course.


View of Platform 2 taken from halfway down the steep steps of the footbridge connecting the two platforms


To view the photos of the Eco-Station in Gallery 14, click here


Coverage of the formal opening ceremony by the Mayor of Hyndburn appears on Northern Rail's website. To access, click here


To read the Station Design Report, click here


To examine the three complex Track Diagrams for the former Accrington Station during its heyday as very important junction, with a triangular track formation overall, click here

Rather a bleak scene looking towards Huncoat & Rose Grove, with the defunct old booking office in the shadows of the supermarket opposite, the sunlight being strong, but of low elevation.


The former ticket office will be dismantled and the
materials reclaimed/recycled, as appropriate.





The following will be metered:

  • Incoming electricity used for station facilities
  • Separate figures for the learning resource space
  • Energy generated from PVs on the roof and car park lighting columns
  • Gas use for the building
  • Water used from mains supply
  • Water heated by solar heating system
  • Rainwater harvested for WC flushing

The system will help Northern Rail and future Train Operating Companies to monitor their building’s performance, and, if necessary, assess how staff use of the building could be made more energy efficient itself.


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