Brian Haworth


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06 April 2010 X X  


The fine lines of Amsterdam Central Station

contrast with the blue sky

and the livery of the double-decker unit pulling into the station


Multi-Virm Unit, or Regiorunners,

shows off its fine lines

as it departs Amsterdam Central





Class 1800, 1853, rolls into Amsterdam Central

with a tea-time commuter service

consisting of a six-coach set of double-deckers


Driver-Trailer end of 4-car double-decker set

stands dappled in sunlight

under the impressive train-shed roof at Amsterdam Central





Contrasting front ends

at Amsterdam Central



Two 3-car Sprinter sets in an attractive livery

arrive at Amsterdam Central

led by unit no. 2123





A Class Mat 64 Multiple Unit

awaits departure from Amsterdam Central

with a Virm unit in the background


Alstom High-Speed Thalys unit

glides into Amsterdam Central

with a service for Brussels





Driver-Trailer end of a double-decker unit

draws into Amsterdam Central




Two generations of double-decker units

stand at rest after working

evening commuter services

into Amsterdam Central





A general view of a very neat and tidy

Amsterdam Central Station

with two double-decker units and one multiple unit

in the platforms


Tea time commuters disgorge from a double decker unit

onto the platform

at Amsterdam Central




15 April 2010    

The imposing façade of Amsterdam Central


Tram reflections in Amsterdam




German Ice Unit departs Amsterdam Central
The impressive multi-storey cycle park, adjacent to Amsterdam Central Station, is full to capacity
16 April 2010    

German High Speed “Ice” unit 4603

arrives at Amsterdam Central

with a service from Utrecht


A red-liveried class 186, E186111,

arrives at Amsterdam Central

with its front end covered in graffiti





Class 1700, 1736, named “GLZE EN RUEN”,

stands on station pilot duties

on one of the through roads

at Amsterdam Central


The driver of class 6400, 6418,

awaits the signals for departure

from Amsterdam Central






Class 6400, 6418, “JOHN”,

removes coaching stock

from an overnight express service

at Amsterdam Central


Unit 2612 heads through Amsterdam Central

showing off the work

of the random graffiti artists






Another heavily-graffitied unit

stands awaiting its next turn of duty

at Amsterdam Central



Green-liveried class 186, 186230,

awaits departure

from Amsterdam Central

with a service to Brussels





Class 1700, 1702,

stands in the platform

at Amsterdam Central,

having just arrived on a local service


A colourful class186, E186224 2832,

arrives at Amsterdam Central

with a Benelux service



Brian stands at Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station,

one of the numerous Tram-Bus Rail Interchange Stations

around Amsterdam


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