21 January 2013  

Passengers using Birmingham New Street will soon see the first major changes to the station in over 40 years

when the huge project to redevelop the station reaches the half way point this April.


In three months time, the station will ‘switch over' when the existing concourse and entrances, which have been in use since the 1960s,

will close and passengers start to use the first half of the brand new concourse.

Next week, a campaign to inform passengers about the changes

kicks off with the first of a series of public exhibitions taking place at New Street station.

Passengers will be able to ask questions and pick up information to find out how the changes will affect them.


Chris Montgomery, Network Rail project director said:


“We've committed to keeping New Street open to passengers throughout the redevelopment and to date,

we've been able to do most of our work behind the scenes.

“The switchover in April will be the first time passengers see real changes in how they use, and access New Street station.

"By switching off the old station and opening the first half of the new concourse next door,

"we can keep passengers moving through New Street

"while we continue rebuilding the existing half of the station and shopping centre above.”

Rail Minister Simon Burns said:


“The redevelopment of Birmingham New Street is already proving to be a huge success

and illustrates the Government's commitment to invest in railways and improve one of the country's major transport hubs.

"We have committed £160m to this scheme, which will deliver a host of improvements

including more than doubling concourse capacity, and providing easier access and movement for passengers.

"The switchover marks another major landmark for the redevelopment

"and hopefully will be a welcome sight to rail users and the people of Birmingham.”


Sir Albert Bore, leader of Birmingham City Council, said:


“The refurbished Birmingham New Street station will provide a much improved transport interchange

"for the 140,000 passengers who use it every day and these changes are designed

"to keep passengers and trains moving while this major work goes ahead.


"This is a vital project for the city, stimulating economic growth and regeneration

"and, in the newly-named Grand Central, it will provide one of the best-connected retail spaces in the country.”


Around 1000 construction workers are currently on site at New Street, main areas of activity include:


Platforms are refurbished one at a time, leaving the other 11 platforms open to allow a full train service to run.

Platform 8 is currently closed and will reopen on Sunday 10 February when work will move to Platform 9.


Moor Street Link:

This new pedestrian route will open alongside the new concourse in April

providing a link between Moor Street station, Smallbrook Queensway and the new concourse via Stephenson Street.

Pallasades/Grand Central & John Lewis:

Demolition is ongoing in several areas including the old car park and the centre of the building

to form the new atrium which will open in 2015.


The Pallasades remains open throughout the redevelopment.

On the south side of the station, construction of the John Lewis department store is well underway.


The first sections of stainless steel façade were installed above Stephenson Street in December 2012.

The entire north elevation and new North West corner entrance is due to be clad when the switchover happens in April.


Cllr Roger Horton, Centro's lead member for transforming rail, said:


“The concourse switchover will give passengers their first real taste of the significant improvements

"coming their way with this exciting redevelopment.

“But it will also mean a major change in the way New Street Station operates

"and I would therefore encourage passengers to use the information being provided

"to help familiarise themselves ahead of the switchover.”


New concourse facts:

When the first half of the new concourse opens, it will have all of the facilities expected in a major station

with a new bigger and improved ticket office plus improved access

with new up and down escalators and lifts improving access to platforms.

Navigation Street footbridge at the west end of the station will close to passengers

as new entrances will open onto Stephenson Street and Hill Street.

There will also be new escalators up to the Pallasades to replace the existing ones,

which will close to allow the old concourse to be rebuilt.

The existing vehicle station entrance on Smallbrook Queensway will close

with access to the new drop off area and short stay car park moving across to Hill Street.

The station taxi rank will temporarily move to Navigation Street.




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28 June 2012


Artist's impression





Artist's impression


Keith Lumley

Media Relations Manager (North West & West Mids)

27 June 2012










22 June 2012

Birmingham saw the opening of one of the rail network's greenest buildings today

as a new base for railway staff officially arrived at platform 1 at Birmingham New Street station.


The new building, known as the Lamp Block, sits on the west end of platform 1 at the station

rising above Hill Street and Navigation Street. It was delivered by Network Rail for CrossCountry

and is now the base for over 450 of their train crew who run CrossCountry services across Great Britain.


Built in less than a year, within a very challenging environment between a rock face and the railway,

it sits on the site of a 19 th century depot, which supplied gas lamps to workers

who maintained the railway tunnels either side of New Street station.


The new block built at the northern end of Platform 1

to accommodate CrossCountry staff.


Called The Lamp Block because it is built on the site of the19th Century depot,

which supplied gas lamps to workers, who maintained the railway tunnels either side of New Street station.


Chris Montgomery, project director for Network Rail said:


“The opening of the Lamp Block not only provides a fantastic facility for CrossCountry staff;

it also marks an important step towards the redevelopment of New Street to deliver a better station for passengers.

"We've worked carefully to avoid disruption to train services during construction and offset the building's carbon footprint

by incorporating green technology as part of the building design.”


The new facility is expected to receive a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating of excellent.

It boasts a number of sustainable features including solar panels to generate electricity, a solar thermal system to generate hot water,

sub-metering for all water, heating and cooling to monitor energy consumption and an energy efficient lighting system.


Sharing the space with the solar panels is also the building's green roof, containing over 14 different species of plant,

to contribute to the area's biodiversity and reduce rainwater run off into the drainage system.

This renewable technology is expected to reduce the building's carbon emissions by 10%.

Over 85% of all non-hazardous construction and demolition waste for the build has either been re-used or recycled.


Andy Cooper, CrossCountry's managing director, added:


“Our new train crew centre replaces accommodation more than 50 years old

"and reflects the standards expected in a modern business.

"The innovative solution provided by the Lamp Block has released even more space on the main station to provide a better environment for our customers too.

" We are very pleased with the result.”


The redevelopment of Birmingham New Street station and the Pallasades centre

is backed by Birmingham City Council, Network Rail, Department for Transport, Centro and Advantage West Midlands.


The project will deliver:

Space to accommodate passenger growth: the new concourse will be three and a half times bigger than at present

and will be enclosed by a giant atrium which will flood the station concourse and Pallasades with natural light.


Better access for all: over 30 new escalators and 15 new public lifts

will make it much easier to travel between the platforms and the concourse above.


Cutting edge design: a stunning new station façade will create a new landmark building in the heart of Birmingham.


A revitalised city centre: the new redeveloped Pallasades centre anchored by the new John Lewis department store

will offer new retail brands alongside quality places to eat and drink, cementing Birmingham's reputation as one of the UK's top retail destinations.


Regeneration and economic growth: new pedestrian links will open up the city centre,

stimulating regeneration and creating new jobs.


We're also working to open up job opportunities to the local workforce during construction.


The station will remain open throughout the redevelopment.


Passengers will notice the first changes to their journey when they start using the first half of the new station concourse, which opens in April 2013.

Work will then switch to redeveloping the old existing station.


The project completes in 2015.


Keith Lumley

Media Relations Manager (North West & West Mids)

22 June 2012










dly over the coming weeks.

Situated on the corner of Stephenson Street and Navigation Street, the new entrance

will improve links between the city's business district and New Street

by allowing passengers access to the first half of the new station direct from Stephenson Street.


It is expected that the new entrance and the first half of the new station concourse will open in April 2013

when work will switch to the redevelopment of the existing station.


Chris Montgomery, project director for Network Rail said:


“The area on the north west side of the station will be the first area to see dramatic changes

"as part of our plans to transform New Street and the Pallasades.

"Work is underway to install the first sections of the stainless steel façade above Stephenson Street

"and over the coming months passengers will be able to see one of the most important entrances into the new station start to take shape.



“Despite the large amount of work now taking place on site, passengers can be assured that

the station will remain open throughout construction so they can continue to catch their train as normal.


"Passengers will notice the first major changes when we effectively switch the station over and open the first half of the new concourse in April next year.”


In addition to the work to construct the new station entrance, other activity on site at the moment includes:


South side/John Lewis: A second tower crane on the south side of the station

has now been erectedand construction of the new John Lewis department store gets underway next month.


New concourse: work continues to construct the first half of the new station concourse,

which will open to passengers in April 2013 when the existing station closes for redevelopment.


    East/Bullring side: construction of the Moor St link pedestrian walkway continues.

    This walkway will improve the connection between Stephenson Street, New Street and Moor St stations and will open in April 2013.


    Work is also underway to create the new public square on the east side of the station.


    Pallasades: development work in the Pallasades continues apace with large areas of the centre now behind hoardings

    as work continues to create the space for the new atrium.


    The Pallasades car park has also closed for demolition and rebuilding.



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Keith Lumley

Media Relations Manager (North West & West Mids)

28 May 2012