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Updated: 24 February 2012




A recent exploration of a section of the Monmouth Railway (November 2011 )

revealed an interesting section of the old line,

which can be walked, commencing just north of the site of Upper Pontnewydd Station

with the track bed being followed through the sites of three stations viz.


Pontrhydyrun Halt (opened 1933 closed 1962), Pontrhydyrun (opened 1873 closed 1917),

Sebastopol (opened 1928 closed 1962), and Panteg & Griffithstown (opened 1898 closed 1962),


No trace of Pontnewydd station (opened 1925 - closed 1958) can be found,

the inevitable Station Road being the only pointer to where the station had once stood

with a dual carriage way now occupying the old track bed.


The following series of photos show the current remains of this former railway line.

A larger map of this area may be viewed by clicking here

The first section of old trackbed gives some indication

of the climb north out of Upper Pontnewydd.


To the right were extensive sidings, branches for Tynewydd tin plate works,

Avondale tin plate works, and a steel tube works.













The line continues north on a rising gradient

and Pontrhydyrum Halt

was located in this section


but no trace remains.












Stone overbridge with brick vaulted arch.

Sebastopol Station was sited here

but again no trace remains.












View of brick vaulted arch

and newly-painted riveted steel work












Line continues to climb beyond the bridge












Southbound view of overbridge













In between Sebastopol and Panteg, an overbridge has been taken out.


This bridge once carried the line over one of the entrances

to the massive Panteg Sheet and Galvanising works and steelworks,

which was served by numerous sidings branching off to the right.


The site of this massive industrial site is currently being cleared.












The old Panteg & Griffithstown Goods Shed

is the first railway building encountered

as viewed from a nearby road,


with the track bed

passing at the rear of the building












View of through road doors












Date Stone












“Modern “ shunters' cabin survives

in a rather decayed state

at the far end of the old coal yard.












Totally overgrown, the platform side

of Panteg & Griffithstown station canopy

is an amazing survivor,


considering the station closed in 1962












I was even more surprised to find the public face of the old station

still in situ with its canopy intact












Close up of station frontage and attractive canopy


and note the chimneys!












The trackbed continues to climb north beyond the station












The sign points the way to the nearest open station

at Pontypool & New Inn

about a mile away.












Looking north as the track levels out












Bridge over the Monmouth and Brecon Canal












The back arch carries the line over the cart track

which crosses the canal on the small arched-bridge

in the foreground.












The brick-lined stone arched-overbridge

carrying the railway over the cart track












View of rail bridge over canal.


Note the massive stone abutments supporting the railway trackbed.

Just beyond this point, the railway trackbed vanishes under modern developments.





To view the 1938 Timetable for service between Newport and Pontypool Road via Lower Pontnewydd, click here





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