29 October 2012  
New canopies shed light on Chorley Rail Station

New canopies over the platforms on Chorley's railway station will show the station in a whole new light.

Network Rail has started work on getting rid of the old gull-wing structures, which will be replaced

with a modern, lightweight aluminium framework

supporting polycarbonate (plastic) glazing panels on the existing columns.


The new panels will allow natural light onto the platforms and above the subway stairs,

making it brighter and more in keeping with the modernised ticket office and concourse.



Jo Kaye, Network Rail's route managing director, explained how the work was going to be carried out:


“Using the existing steel support columns has a number of benefits.

“We don't have to buy new columns or dig new foundations,

"which saves time and reduces the overall cost of the project.


“More importantly, as most of the work will be carried out overnight when trains aren't running,

there will virtually no disruption for passengers.”



Designed by Network Rail's in-house building design group,

the canopies will be similar to those used last year to cover platform 4 at Blackburn station.


In addition to the canopies, as part of the £237,000 project, an extra waiting shelter will be provided

further down the Manchester platform to ease congestion at the top of the stairs.


Work is expected to be finished in January (2013)

Below is a photograph of the canopy at Blackburn Railway Station,

which gives an indication of the finishes that will be used at Chorley,

and which shows how natural light floods the platform.



Photo courtesy Network Rail



Click here to view other photos of Blackburn Station



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Media Relations Manager (North West & West Mids)

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