Clitheroe Line



Low Moor Crossing, Clitheroe


Above left & right

Track Replacement at Low Moor Crossing, Clitheroe,

on Sunday 11th November 2007



Photos: David Butterworth




Stone-Blower at Low Moor Crossing, Clitheroe,

on Sunday 11th November 2007

Photo: David Butterworth



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Freckleton Street Bridge


Below are photos of the various ongoing stages of this major engineering undertaking in Blackburn







Above photos courtesy: W. Briggs, M. Cliffe, B. Haworth


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Grand Opening of the bridge

on Friday 27th June 2008,

which was then renamed the

"Alfred Wainwright Bridge"

Opening ceremony, cutting the ribbon at 11.40 a.m.

(L-R) Cllr Alan Cottam, Rt Hon Jack Straw PC MP, Cllr Mohammed Khan (BwD Mayor), watched by Cllr Colin Berry (Council Leader), and The Mayoress.

In the background are Year 6 pupils from St Anne's Junior School ready to cycle across the bridge.

Opening Ceremony photos: W.Briggs






Below left:

The first public service vehicle to cross the bridge at 12.03.




Below right:

The scene at 13.17

with the bridge being well used by general traffic.






Engineering Work


Standen Hey and Rishton



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Work being undertaken

on Sunday 9 December 2007

Photos courtesy: S. Clarke


Overbridge 12 between Rishton Tunnel and Rishton Station -

replacement of decking


Standen Hey occupation bridge

(above Holgates cutting)



Shows the remains of the old bridge

at Standen Hey now having been removed


Another shot of the missing bridge

at Standen Hey



Above left and right:

Standen Hey


Note the unusual construction technique,

which is clearly visible!



Steel Road and Encampment at Standen Hey

Photos at Standen Hey and Rishton (below)

courtesy S. Clarke


Above: Left and right

Overbridge 12 at Rishton


Note the engineering brick being used

for the parapet construction

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Fit for 90 m.p.h.

Chatburn - Hellifield

UP Track Relaying

June 2008


The photographs have been arranged in sequence to show the whole process of relaying the track from start to finish.





On 30 June 2008, under the supervision of Network Rail's Project Site Manager, the RVRNews Editor was afforded privileged access to the relaying work on the UP track between Chatburn and Hellifield.

The accompanying pictures, taken from on and off the track, are a mix of digital photos and grabbed camcorder frames.

A full account of the expedition can be found on pages 14 & 15 of RVRNews84, available from the Tourist Information area of RVBC Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe, or from Blackburn Visitor Centre, Church Street, Blackburn, priced £2



Scrap track on its way through Hellifield

on 28 June 2008


Digging out the old ballast

near Goosemere Height Farm, Hellifield

30 June 2008

Tipping new ballast near Nappa, 30 June 2008

The Wacker, ballast compacter

waiting its turn for duty,

near Nappa, 30 June 2008


G44 concrete sleepers ready for laying

near Nappa, 30 June 2008


Thermit welding

near Goosemere Height Farm, 3 July 2008


Grinding a Thermit weld

near Goosemere Height Farm

3 July 2008


Close-up of grinding the Thermit weld

on the inside of the cess rail

near Goosemere Height Farm

3 July 2008


Fastening guard rails to wooden sleepers

on Stock Beck Viaduct, 28 June 2008


The Plasser & Theurer Tamper

working at Gisburn, 30 June 2008


Gauging the 6-foot, following tamping

at Gisburn, 30 June 2008


Adrian Cope and Mark Brunnen surveying track

“fit for 90 mph”

at Chatburn, 30 June 2008


Grateful thanks are extended to the RVRNews Editor for permission to use these interesting and informative photographs.



Photos and video captures: W.A.Briggs


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