NK writes:

The Fellsman series of excursions are again running every Wednesday from 28 July until 8 September between Lancaster and Carlisle via Preston, Blackburn, the Ribble Valley, and the S&C, having been most successful and reliable in 2009, generating great interest amongst RVR members especially as the trains are booked to call at Clitheroe.

Below is a series of photos taken by Ted Buckley of the first of this season's excursions, and further additions are anticipated during July, August & September.

Details of Fellsman Excursions Summer 2010 may be obtained by clicking here


16 June 2010


Leaving Hellifield 2009



By Ted Buckley

Near Langho 2009


Wednesday 2 June 2010

The first Fellsman of 2010 ran today, Wednesday 2nd June 2010. I captured her at Preston Station on a very dull morning; the mist had only just lifted. The train was hauled by Class 8F number 48151, and was due to arrive at Preston at 08:33, into platform 3, where a large contingent of passengers was waiting to board. The 11 coach train was fully-booked.

I took up position with several others on the north end of platform 2 to catch her arrival, and at 08:30 precisely turned around when I heard a commotion. The passengers were all on the move; a platform change had been announced, just 3 minutes before she was due! The Fellsman was now routed into platform 4, which was merely across the island for the passengers, but a quick sprint from platform 2 to platform 5 for us photographers.

However, she arrived 6 minutes late at 08:39. We just managed our photograph before a Barrow-bound unit set off from platform 5 and passed between us and the 8F!













The train stopped underneath the overall roof, and the 8F was evidently impatient to get away, as she 'blew off' for the whole of the 4-minute stay - twice the booked allowance.

The roof glazing received an excellent steam clean. She was signalled onto the up slow, but the light was also green on platform 5 onto the up fast. What was to overtake her? It turned out to be 66411 in Eddie Stobart livery on a long container train! What ignomy!












For the evening return train, I took up position just south of Langho station by the foot crossing.

What a contrast in the weather from the morning at Preston. The sky was clear, and it was a gloriously warm evening, perhaps the warmest this year yet.

The train was due to depart Clitheroe at 19:12 after a two minute stop, but at 19:12 precisely she hove into view round the curve by Mitton Fold.












The assault was powerful and purposeful, but the coal must have been pretty poor, as more black smoke than I have witnessed in a very long time issued forth from the 8F's chimney.

So, for a few moments, Langho almost experienced an unexpected eclipse! I guess she was running around 20 minutes early.

She made a fine sight and sound storming up the bank.