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Crich, Derbyshire


A busy scene at the lower terminus of Crich Tramway Museum,

just outside Matlock Bath in Derbyshire.


This is from much gentler times when motor cars were a long way into the future.












As avid photographers record this scene from long ago,

this gentle giant pulls an early tramcar past the public house serving various ales and spirits.


The cobbled streets reminding your reviewer of parts of his early childhood in northern mill towns.












The horse-drawn tram prepares to make another journey along the cobbled street.


Meanwhile passengers alight from this tram,

which was imported from Portugal.


This is a delightful vehicle, with basket-work seats,

which are extremely comfortable and cool in the hot summers

of its native land.


It also has a delightful clerestory roof

with coloured glass panels

and rides the rails very smoothly, being a bogie vehicle.


The surroundings are enhanced by old type gas lamps,

with familiar metal signs adorning the walls.












Transported from nearer home,

I was delighted to see this reminder of my early childhood,

what a thrill!












My very patient wife was entertained by the extremely knowledgeable inspector and driver

in the quite luxurious interior of this refurbished vehicle.


It was quite a task to persuade her to exchange this vehicle

for one of Great Britain's old 4-wheel double-deckers; quite a marked contrast in ride comfort!


After paying the entrance fee to the working museum,

one is given one old penny each which are exchanged, on board, for an original type tram ticket,

which entitles one to twelve months of travel on the trams,

as many times as you wish, quite a bargain.












Inside the tram shed there are some exquisite examples of refurbished tramcars across the years.


Here we see an early open balcony tram,

complete with outside staircase from Leicester.












Two very early examples of trams are on display here,

one horse drawn and the other electric.












There are some excellent examples of vehicles from across the country in this shed.


Amongst them was a tram from Blackburn,

but, due to positioning, I was unable to obtain a clear photo.


The cobbled yard area adds ambience to this delightful scene.












Displayed here are two more Blackpool trams,

one early single deck and a later double,

which was based on a design of bus.


The electric vehicle on the left

was used in some private works for shunting

and is very similar to the one used for many years

in Clitheroe Gasworks in the 1950's.

In the foreground of this picture stands no.1297,

an example of a North Glasgow tram,


and in the middle a well-remembered double-deck tram from Blackpool Corporation,

examples of which are still used for the "Illumination Tours.


Standing in the middle is a tram bogie

complete with original examples of the electric motors and geared drive.







I am sure that most people will remember this famous and attractive design of open tram,  

used in Blackpool when we enjoyed real summers!


Many is the time on a windy day, your reviewer has had his hair ruffled

on board one of these delightful vehicles;


and yes, I did have hair in those days!







Last, but not least was this lovely example of Sheffield's last tram from 1960.


This is extremely pleasing to the eye

and the streamlined shape would not be out of place even today.


The cream and dark blue livery only serves to enhance this lovely vehicle.






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