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The delightful terminus of The Seaton Tramway in Devon

This delightful and well-maintained narrow gauge tramway runs from

Seaton, along the estuary of the river Axe, to Colyton,


part of the old route of the standard gauge L&SW Railway

from Seaton Junction to Seaton.


It was closed under the Beeching axe in 1966.


The next batch of excited passengers,

filled with anticipation of the forthcoming journey,


take advantage of the warm summer's day

to take their seats on the top deck of the open tram.












There are many passing places on this busy line,

which add much to the enjoyment

and conversations are to be had with passengers

travelling in the opposite direction












An amusing aside is this view of an old Victorian Gentlemen's Toilet,

relocated from one of the original stations on the old railway line












The passing places are situated in varying locations,

ranging from open vistas to wooded areas.












In the high season, trams arrive at the Colyton terminus every twenty minutes

making this a very intensive service.


I presume this was never experienced in the days of the railway












The Old Station at Colyton has been completely transformed

by the use of concrete block paving


and is complete with an excellent buffet

serving Devon Cream Teas.


Your reviewer is ashamed to say that

I was persuaded to try one by my long suffering wife!

( Or was it the other way round? I forget! )












Station Sign












As another crowded tram departs for Seaton,

we enjoy the delights of a warm sunny Devon afternoon,

( complete with cream tea! )












Arms must be kept inside the tram at all time

and don't stand up!












As we return to Seaton,

we obtain this view of the Maintenance Depot,

rebuilt and extended in the 1990's.


A great credit to all, who are involved with this unique enterprise.

The Ticket Inspector examines all tickets

before boarding our return tram with good humour,


what a refreshing change.












Lastly, a photo of the approach to the very professional station at Seaton,

very Victorian in appearance


and much in keeping with the whole tramway.



TIMETABLE July 1938 (Southern Railway)





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