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STOURBRIDGE JUNCTION en-route to Kidderminster

Shuttle Service to Stourbridge Town


I came across this class 139 at Stourbridge Junction on my way to the Severn Valley Gala.

The class was unknown to me and something of a curio.


A bit of research revealed that the embryonic version of the now class 139

first appeared as class 999 around 2002

and that there a small number of these units at various places around the country,

one of these being the Mid Hants railway.













There are two class 139 units now operating on the Stourbridge Town branch,

which have replaced a single car class 159.


The 139 stores energy generated from braking onto a flywheel system,

which can then be used for subsequent acceleration.


The smaller diesel engine utilised in the 139 is said to produce much lower operating costs than the class 159.













2800 Class 2857 close by Kidderminster ( SVR ) signal box.

This SVR based loco is awaiting a mid-morning northbound duty to Bewdley.


During its pre-preservation working life, it had been based at Stourbridge (1950) and Banbury (1956)

and therefore had been a West Midlands local engine for a while













Large Prairie 2-6-2T, no.4160, shown on the island platform at Bewdley Station

and awaiting its next turn of duty on the Arley shuttle.


This was one of a number of visiting loco's for the gala,

and is normally based on the West Somerset Line at Minehead.












A very unusual and distinctive pair of signals at the North end of Bewdley platform 1












A general view of Bewdley Platforms 1 and 2

looking towards the North end signal box.


It's either always sunny on the SVR, or I'm particularly lucky on my visits there.












A general view of Bewdley looking towards the South end box and the Goods Shed

taken from platform 2.


The South box can be seen in the left background.












A late summer floral display with SVR LNER teak stock standing behind on Platform 3.












This is the visiting Caledonian Railway McIntosh 812 class no.828 (BR 57566)

from the Strathspey Railway.


It is thought to be her first ever visit south of the border.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a shot of this loco running “smoke box first”.












2800 Class 2857, having arrived at Bewdley platform 3

and looking spotless in the late morning sunshine.












Large prairie 4160 has just returned from Arley with the teak stock

and is standing at the south end of platform 3

prior to coming off the train.












SVR based 7800 class 7812, Erlestoke Manor,

takes over the Arley shuttle duties from the large prairie.












Bewdley has a fine Station Café with an external viewing area

where you can sit with your drink or food

and watch the trains go by !










A southbound train from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster draws into Platform 2,

headed by the massive bulk of 9F no. 92212.


This locomotive had spent the summer period on loan to the SVR

from its home base on the Mid Hants Railway.













7812, Erlestoke Manor, rests at Arley

having brought in the Bewdley-shuttle in the early afternoon.












A closer view of the rear end of the Caley 812

showing the striking Caledonian blue livery.


Once again, I couldn't get near the front end due to the large number of admirers.











7812, Erlestoke Manor, back at Bewdley

now with a new train reporting number and appropriate headboard.












The front end of 7812, Erlestoke Manor, observed from the Platform 1 viewing area

through the platform 2 and 3 canopy.













The imposing King class 4-6-0 6024, King Edward I , in between duties at Kidderminster

with the driver tending the motion with what appears to be a bottle of tomato ketchup !












The train headboard and reporting number

adds an aurora of elegance and grandeur

to an already impressive locomotive.












The driver completes his task before returning to the footplate.












One of the very early Diesel Electric shunters first introduced in 1945.

A joint Fairburn and English Electric design for the LMS ,

here acting as station pilot at Kidderminster .












As this was early evening, I believe this working was to return the LNER Teak stock to the carriage sheds.












The large prairie, now also returned to Kidderminster

and is seen taking on water for its next turn of duty.


Twenty-four hour working has become the norm for these principle SVR Galas

but from what I've seen, night duties are usually rostered to the SVR 's home-based fleet.












Ready for the “right of way” !


Bradshaw Timetable 1938



Bradshaw Timetable 1910



Bradshaw Timetable 1910


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