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Updated: 18 January 2015


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HST power car 43303, with 43206 at the rear,

stands awaiting departure

from Harrogate


with the 07:28 service to Kings Cross (arr 10:38)

during the first week of operation on 26 May 2011.


This is the first direct service to London for 25 years,

and now operated by East Coast.








Class 142, 142023, awaits departure

from Knaresborough


with the 07:59 service to York (arr 08:32)








Class 150, 150222, with 150271 at the rear

rolls into Harrogate


heading 2C29 the 12:43 York (dep 12:11) to Leeds (arr 13:22) service.


To the left were north-facing Bay Platforms,

which were used principally for the services

to Pateley Bridge, Pilmoor and York


as well as local services to

Ripon, Topcliffe, Thirsk and Northallerton

(and onwards to Darlington, Stockton and Middlesborough).


The Pullman-operated "Queen of Scots"

was the most prestigious service via Harrogate,


which linked London Kings Cross with Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow Queen Street

although the similarly-operated "Yorkshire Pullman"

also linked Harrogate with Kings Cross.


For details, see Old Timetables and Named Trains Sections








Class 150, 150273, stands in the centre road

at Harrogate


awaiting its next duty

on 26 May 2011


Initially, there were two through lines

but these were probably never used for passenger traffic

other than perhaps trains on a diversionary route


but the track of the original line from Leeds to North of Harrogate via Starbeck

was no doubt available on these occasions

and probably quicker.


See the above map








Plenty of passengers awaiting class 155, 155341,

as it arrives at Harrogate

on 27 May 2011


with 2C31, a Knaresborough / Leeds service.


The new Car Park is clearly visible,

as are the two overbridges.


The lower bridge connects the platforms

whereas the higher bridge


leads to the Car Park and the Shopping Centre,

located to left of this picture












Harrogate Station

looking south towards Leeds


The above car park is the site of two bay platforms,

which were used principally for the local services to


Wetherby, also to Tadcaster & Church Fenton (and London King Cross)

and Leeds City via Crossgates,


and well as to Bradford Forster Square via Pool-in-Wharfedale, Otley & Guiseley

plus local trains to both Leeds Central and Leeds City.


Details of these services are available for viewing in the Old Timetables Section









The very low-key Main Station Entrance

at Harrogate


The adjacent Bus Station

initially included the car park area above








The recently refurbished Waiting Room

at Harrogate


has some interesting old pictures of the station

adorning the walls.










Resembling a Hornby model

the brick-built Harrogate North Signal Box







Unusual signal, of German origin,

on display on the Station Platform


at Knaresborough








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The still River Nidd reflects the impressive

Knaresborough Viaduct









Class 144, 144001

rolls across Knaresborough Viaduct

in charge of the 07:43 Leeds to York (arr 08:58) service


on 26 May 2011









The very unusual stone-built Signal Box

at Knaresborough


on 26 May 2011









Knaresborough Station

looking towards York


on 26 May 2011 at 06:05 hrs.








Neat Water Tower


adjacent to the tunnel mouth

at Knaresborough.


Note the small leaded-window.








View of Knaresborough Station

looking towards Leeds and the Viaduct.


Note the impressive grand stone-chimneys.









Class 155, 155347, stands at Knaresborough Station


having just arrived from Leeds

with a terminating service


on 26 May 2011









With the shunt signal pulled off,

155347, having arrived at Knaresborough

and terminated,


crosses over adjacent to the signal box

before running back into the station


to form the next Knaresborough to Leeds service








153347 awaits departure from Knaresborough

with a service for Leeds








Another view of the attractive stone-built Signal Box

at Knaresborough.


Built against the gable end of the adjoining property,

its location gives the signalman

unobstructed views of


both Station Platforms and across Knaresborough Viaduct.