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Brian Haworth

Updated: 15/05/2015



Belfast Great Victoria Street Station

is a terminus station with 4 platforms.


General view of the station

from behind buffer stops.



















Class 3000 three car unit 3012

arrives at Belfast Great Victoria Station


with the 08.24 arrival from Portrush

on 9 June 2011.


This class was introduced in December 2004,


and, up to February this year,

there had only been 11 occasions

when a unit has failed and been unable to move.













Class 3000 unit 3015

slows into Belfast Great Victoria Station


on 9 June 2011













With Belfast City in the skyline,

two class 3000 units stand,

awaiting their next turn of duty,


at Belfast Great Victoria Station


on 9 June 2011










Class 3000, unit 3005, negotiates the pointwork

to gain access to platform 1


at Belfast Great Victoria Station


on 10 June 2011.










Class 3000, unit 3020,


rolls into Antrim Station

on 11 June 2011


with a Belfast-bound service.










A member of the platform staff

chats with the guard awaiting departure time.


Unit 3020 is in charge of a Belfast-bound service


on 11 June 2011











The out-of-use signal box at Antrim Station
















Class 3000, unit 3020, departs Antrim

with a Belfast service


on 11 June 2011.














Class 3000 unit heads away

from Antrim station


on 11 June 2011


The line, branching off to the right of the picture,

is the mothballed branch to Lisburn via Crumlin.


The siding on the left is used by PW department,

some wagons being noted to the right of the unit.











The attractive station building including waiting room

at Antrim Station.














The rather run-down ticket office at Antrim Station


which hopefully will be replaced

when major planned refurbishment is undertaken.












General view of Antrim Station


taken from the road crossing.














View of mothballed branch platform at Antrim.


Note the good condition of the platform,

and even the white platform-edge lines are painted !!













Class 3000, unit 3021, hurries towards Antrim


with a service to Belfast Great Victoria Station


on 11 June 2011












Class 3000 unit, 30231,

awaits departure from Antrim


on 11 June 2011













Poster Board at Antrim Station.














Class 3000 unit 3010

awaits departure from Antrim


with the 11:46 service to Londonderry (arr. 13:25)


on 11 June 2011











View of Antrim Station from footbridge

with class 3000, unit 3010,


departing with a Londonderry service.














At each end of Antrim Station

the main running lines merge to a single section.


Unit 3010 is pictured crossing

onto the single section

bound for Londonderry.












The attractive listed Main Entrance

to Antrim Station












The futuristic Train Care Depot

at Fortwilliam Belfast












Inside view of the four-road Train Care Depot

Fortwilliam Belfast.























Front view of one of the brand new class 4000 units, 4003.


Built by CAF, the first few units have arrived in Ireland,

and are currently undergoing rigorous testing,

prior to rostering on public services.


The first unit could be ready for public use from September 2011.


The units are expected to replace the nine 450-class /80-class sets

currently working the Larne line.


(Note RVR Vice-Chairman at the controls)













Internal view of the new class 4000 unit,

still in its wrapping paper !!!.












Driver's eye-view of control panel in unit 4003













View down Train Care depot Fortwilliam Belfast.


The 3000 class units are also serviced here.












Cab fleet number plates unit 4003.














Class 4000, unit 4002









Two front ends, 4002 & 4003









View into Train Care depot, with unit 4003.












Driver's view from unit 4003.












Very relaxed trainee driver !






















Castle class 450, 8785 Galgorm Castle ,

stands awaiting departure

from Belfast Great Victoria Station


on 12 June 2011


This class of DMU was built by BREL at Derby works,

using underframes from condemned mark 1 coaches,

and with engines from former class 70 units.


Their English Electric Engines

give them a top speed of 70mph.











Class 450, 8785, Galgorm Castle












Close up of the cast nameplate 8785, Galgorm Castle












Class 3000, 3019, rolls into platform 2

at Belfast Great Victoria Station,


with a busy early-morning commuter service

on 12 June 2011















A busy period at Belfast Great Victoria Station,


with two class 3000 units and a class 450 in view,

both having worked morning commuter trains

into the station


on 12 June 2011













Class 3000 units, 3005 and 3019,

unload at Belfast Great Victoria Station


on 12 June 2011














Class 3000 unit, 3005,

stands at Belfast Central Station


with the 09:42 service to Larne Harbour


on 12 June 2011












Class 3000, unit 3005,

departs from the modern Belfast Central Station


on 12 June 2011













A Castle Class 450, 8458 Antrim Castle,

awaits its next turn of duty

at Belfast Central


on 12 June 2011












An external view of the

rather architecturally-uninspiring building

that is Belfast Central Station.










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