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David Butterworth



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RVR Member, David Butterworth, writes:

Sunday 10 Nov 2013


It's all go at Low Moor Crossing today

whilst Network Rail renews the road surface.


The work started at midnight Sat/Sun

and was scheduled to end by 16:20 Sunday.


In the event it will go on for significantly longer,

it is to be hoped that the crossing will be available

to both trains and cars

in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour.


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Prior to renewal, the 09:40 hrs Clitheroe - Manchester Vic.

traverses the crossing on Friday 8 Nov 2013








The crossing in its old state








As can be seen, there was still much to do by the sign's deadline of 16:20








The crossing was closed to both vehicles AND pedestrians








The new road surface is made up of German-made slabs with a rubberised top surface,

said to be much harder wearing

and significantly quieter than the previous concrete slabs.




Monday 11 Nov 2013

The crossing is now open for traffic.


The road surface is not completely flat all the way across

but certainly much better than it was.


I expect there will be further road closures

to allow the barriers, etc., to be renewed.




Sunday 1 December 2013

Road is closed for 9 days but pedestrian access is maintained


Barriers removed



Excavation for barrier foundation.


The big holes were then filled

with concrete bases and drive housings


within a day (Sunday to Monday)

Tuesday 3 December 2013

The barriers are now in place and being adjusted.


Trains are able to pass at low speed

with pedestrians kept well away by locked fencing.


It is good to note the excellent progress that is being made.


11:40 hrs Clitheroe - Manchester Vic. traverses the crossing




Adjusting the new barriers


The road will remain closed until Sunday 8 Dec

when the commissioning of the new works

will take place


with no threat of oncoming trains.

15 December 2013

DJB writes:

Here we go again with Low Moor Crossing:


After working hard a month ago to renew the road surface,

Network Rail decided some rails were corroded and needed renewal.


Today the whole job has been ripped up and the rails renewed.


The new rails in place – far side and nearside







A piece of rail being removed to make space for the weld








The initial stage of the

Thermite process



The final ‘fireworks', which forms the weld.

All quite magical!

The road surface was still not completely level

when done last month


and Network Rail may well return in due course

to try to level it out by adjusting track alignment.


We'll wait and see.


There is an excellent short film of Thermite Welding at


which is identical to the system used at the crossing


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