December 2010




Displayed are three photos, which show the work which is currently going on at Primrose Viaduct, near Clitheroe, in preparation for the four-day possession over Christmas 2010.

The plan is to replace the Viaduct's deck, a job, which will entail ripping up the track and ballast laid only two years ago, installing a concrete deck along the whole length, and then replacing the track, etc. 

There is a massive amount of preparatory work being done, including the construction of access roads (steel sheets) on both the east and west sides, with colossal ramps on either side to gain access to the tracks. 

It seems that these will enable the heavy concrete sections to be hauled up before being put in place on the viaduct.


Photo 1 shows typical scaffolding work at the northern end of the viaduct.

A public footpath runs through the arch below the ladders.


Photo 2 shows the vegetation, which has grown below the parapet. 


It is likely that the parapet will have to be renewed

to allow removal of the roots etc.



Photo 3 shows the 14:40 train from Clitheroe passing over the viaduct

on its way to Manchester on 6 December 2010.


The ramp has taken many thousands of tons of rubble,

all of which will have to be removed when the work is done.




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