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Updated 28/05/2008
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Community Rail Day 17 May 2008

Ribble Valley, Blackburn and South Fylde



Ribble Valley

Clitheroe & Hellifield


The following selection of photos represents some of those taken by Webmaster, Nigel Kirby, covering the Ribble valley on 16th, 17th & 18th May 2008 during his visits to Clitheroe Platform Gallery and the various displays at Hellifield.


Simon Clarke, Marjorie Birch, Brian Haworth, who along with Dean Weaver (not shown) and others, too many to name, have worked so very hard to mount the eye-catching and interesting display at the Gallery, act as attendants, and organise this very Special Weekend.


Blackburn & South Fylde

By scrolling down, one may also view a selection of photos depicting other activities involving the Community Rail Partnership, taken by Simon Clarke, except where shown otherwise, and, in particular, featuring this year an event held at Lytham to celebrate the award of Community Line Status to the South Fylde Line.

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Above right : A selection of entries for the Photographic Competition


Above: A further selection of entries for the Photographic Competition


The above photos were taken during the setting up of the exhibition at Clitheroe Platform Gallery on Friday 16th May and includes a selection of those photos, which were entered for the Community Rail Weekend 2008 Photographic Competition.


The following day, it was necessary to travel to Hellifield using the 280 bus from Clitheroe to Skipton, and then onwards to Hellifield by train. Hence the inclusion of a shot of Skipton Station below left.

On arrival at Hellifield, I was delighted to note the presence of not only RVR stalwarts, Bill Briggs, Byron Littlewood and Dean Weaver, but also friends of RVR e.g. Dr. Paul Salveson and Jim Trotman, and other stall holders, who are also represented on this website page.



Once at Hellifield, I had to decide how to return home to the Clitheroe area. Should I retrace the outward route, or travel to Leeds and then onwards to Blackburn via Halifax, or proceed to Lancaster and then have to cope with the bus replacement service onwards to Preston due to engineering work on the line?

Whilst deliberating, it was my good fortune to be informed that the special Clitheroe Community Rail Day bus, arranged at very short notice, had just arrived at Hellifield, and was waiting to take passengers back to Clitheroe, thereby saving me considerable time, and enabling me to pay a second visit to the Platform Gallery for another photo shoot.

Below: John Hill, the new Mayor of Ribble Valley, engaged in conversation with RVR Member Ken Geddes.


Above and right, another selection of RVR stalwarts, who do so much in diverse ways to promote rail use:

Colin Rushton, Keith Lakeland, Gordon Wilson, Chmn. Peter Moore & Kathleen Sharples,

and returning home, Alan and Sheila Bowles.


To view a fascinating

Virtual Tour of the RVR Display at Hellifield

prepared by RVR Member, Dean Weaver,

please click here.


The Virtual Tour of the Platform Gallery

can be viewed by clicking here

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Further stalwarts, Ken Roberts and Secretary, Peter Eastham, pose against an impressive mural with a railway theme, produced by Clitheroe Primary Children for Community Rail Day.

A more expansive view of this splendid mural is featured in the Virtual Tour of the Platform Gallery


Two vintage buses outside the Platform Gallery

The older, "Martha", built 1924, fully loaded, sets out on a forty-minute ride.

I was pleased to learn from the RVR Member on duty, Kathleen Sharples, that the young boy, pictured above, had shown great interest in the exhibits, and was clearly enjoying his visit to the Gallery.

Therefore, and with parental permission, I was delighted to take a second photo, and trust that one day (soon?) he also will become a member of RVR.

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Below :

is the selection of photos, taken by Simon Clarke, depicting other activities involving the Community Rail Partnership that were held in Lancashire on Community Rail Day.


The award of Community Line Status to the South Fylde Line was celebrated at Lytham

Those, who had been involved in its setting up, joined a Colne - Blackpool South train at Blackburn, and proceeded to Lytham.

Prior to departure, the party, along with other rail travellers, were entertained at the station by St. Augustine's Swing Band, and by Blojangles, who also provided music on the train.


Above: Guests participating in the entertainment en-route to Lytham

At Lytham, invited guests were then transported by vintage bus to the inaugural meeting.