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Gallery 12



Visited 27 April 2013




A view of the northern-most two of the four brand-new platforms

constructed on the site of the former back roads and Reading Panel Box, dating from 1965.


These are platforms 14 & 15; the four platforms 12 to 15 opened on 2 April 2013.


At platform 14 stands Thames Turbo 165106

on the 10:48, 2P41, departure to London Paddington,

the unit having arrived from Paddington at 10:13,

and having the luxury of being able to take up platform space

for a full 35 minutes.


At platform 15 stands Thames Turbo Express 166205

on the 2P40 Oxford to Paddington, due to depart at 10:33 .














Another view of platform 14, showing the striking architecture to good effect.

Note how the new platform canopies merge into the roofs of the access stairs and escalators,

then sweep majestically over the footbridge, or, as it is now known, the transfer deck.


Unit 165106 stands ready to form the 10:48 2P41 to Paddington.











HST unit 43137 “ Newton Abbot 150 ” stands on the rear of a service to Paddington at 10:46 , 43131 is on the front.


Note how the sweeping lines of the station canopies complement the angular lines of the HST.
















Platforms 9 and 10 looking east towards London ,

with platform 10 temporarily narrowed by the contractor's fencing as work continues apace.


At platform 10 stands Voyager 220021, having arrived from Bournemouth ,

will reverse direction and head westwards,

taking the route northwards at Didcot.


HST 43137 resumes her journey to Paddington at 10:49 from platform 9.














A busy moment seen from the west end of platform 9.


The complexity of the trackwork is shown to good effect.


Voyager 221126 has come round the sharp curve (left) from the Berks & Hants line,

whilst 220033 arrives along the GW main line.


Behind this unit can be seen the huge new maintenance complex under construction,

and the electrification masts are also beginning to sprout.














Turbo units galore!

166217 arrives from the west,

whilst 165133 (left) and 166221 (right) head off westwards.













Above & Below: xxxx

The spectacular view from the new transfer deck – at least, for the time being,

whilst the large new plate glass windows remain clean!


At 11:44 HST 43176 arrives with a London-bound service,

and pulls into platform 10. 43163 brings up the rear.














See previous caption












The view eastwards from the transfer deck

takes in the upper storey of the original listed-office block and clock tower.


Unit 165122 awaits departure from the newly-renumbered platform 7.














The transfer deck view eastwards towards London .

Although partly obscured by the signal gantry, which stretches across most of the tracks,

there is nevertheless much to observe.


At 11:50, from the left, Turbo unit 165113 departs on a local to Paddington,

165109 arrives on the return working,

and HST 43163 heads off to London, with 43176 on the front.














A look at the former “Southern” part of the station,

which now consists of three platforms, numbered (from the left) 4 to 6.


Turbo unit 165116 stands at platform 5 on the FGW 13:04 service to Redhill,

which I would catch as far as Guildford .














The island platform 5 & 6 has been constructed to quite a length,

and its eastern extremity affords a good spot

to observe the comings and goings at the east end of the station.


At platform 6 stands third rail electric number 8012, with sister unit 8017 behind.

From memory, these are both 4-coach units, and still the platform continues onwards!


HST unit 43191 brings up the rear of a west-bound service about to enter platform 8.


A recent sudden downpour on an otherwise sunny day has just passed,

and the sun has re-emerged, lighting up the canopies as they sweep over the transfer deck.



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