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The beautiful Taormina-Giardini station

- no litter - nothing out of place.



The old waterpoints are still in situ at the end of each platform.

Note the old lamp on the top.




Class 656, electric No. 656028,

rolls into Taormina-Giardini station

with a sleeper service from Venezia to Siracusa

on 11/9/09.


Class 656, 656028,

makes a powerful departure

fromTaormina – Giardini

heading for Siracusa




Another view of Taormina Station

looking towards Messina



Each platform at Taormina –Giardini

sported one of these beautiful platform clocks

also of note is the platform canopy - very English looking.




Another view of Taormina –Giardini station

showing the main station buildings.


Of note in the foreground is the large cast-iron

drinking fountain.


These are positioned at each end of the platforms,

and have proved very popular with the train crews,

who dash from their hot cabs for a swift drink.


The incredible church-like roof of the booking hall

at Taormina –Giardinia station.











Class 464 electric 464067

stands at Taormina-Giardinia

with the 15-55 service to Messina Centrale

on 8/9/09


Taormina-Giardinia also had a bar on the platform,

perfectly placed for rail enthusiasts,

which I found very civilised.





Class 633 electric 633062

stands awaiting departure from Taormina-Giardinia

with the 11:33 sleeper service from Venice to Siracusa


A close up of the powerful-looking 633062

as it departs Taormina-Giardinia.





Class 656 electric 656017

awaits departure from Taormina–Giardinia

with the 15:42 “Treno del Sole” express

to Messina Centrale.


Two heavily-graffitied electric locos

run through Taormina-Giardinia

with a mixed freight consisting of

wood traffic and tanker wagons.




Taken from my train an old diesel loco

stands dumped in sidings

at S. Teresa di Riva station.


Class 145, Diesel station pilot 1452047,

stands at Messina Centrale Station

on 8/9/098




Heavily-graffitied three car modern electric unit

stands at Messina Centrale Station,

having just transported me from Taormina

on the 10:44 departure.


Finding a window on this unit that you could see through

was a challenge !!


One of the modern trams


pictured in the city of Messina








Class 656s, 656043 and 656 017,

arrive at their destination of Messina Centrale


with the 13:50 departure from Siracusa.



Class 656s, 656043 and 656017,

head light-engine for the large motive power depot

at Messina


having just worked in a service from Siracusa.




Class 443, Diesel 44310, 2

awaits a crew change

at Messina Centrale

on 8/9/09


class145, diesel 1452034, station pilot

shunts stock, including an ex-works sleeping coach,

at Messina Centrale,

also on 8/9/09




Photographed from my train, PW shunter

stands outside its shed

at Giampilieri yard.


Class 656, electric 656026,

awaits departure from Taormina-Giardini

with the 11:43 departure to Siracusa.




Three car electric unit, surprisingly without graffiti,

stands awaiting departure from Taormina-Giardini


with the 10:27 departure to Catania Centrale

on 11/9/09


Plinthed Steam Loco

at Catania Centrale.







Class 656, electric loco 656095,

rolls into Catania Centrale Station

ten minutes late

with the 11:46 Inter-City service

IC24 Siracusa to Rome .


The driver of IC24 the Rome express

answers the call of nature,

having just delivered me

from Catania Centrale to Taormina-Giardini

on 11/9/09 .




View of driver trailer end. No. 12106,

at Taormina-Giardini.




Abandoned ex-postal van

stands forgotten at the far end of the goods yard

at Taormina-Giardini

with its metal body red rust from the sea air.

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The unit shown is on a Ragusa to Syracuse service, which arrived at Noto at 15:48

on Friday 20 March 2015