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Tunnel under the High Street

(Park Street)



Photos & Text Courtesy Network Rail

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Network Rail

15 Jan 2016


New bridge over the railway on Park Street, Walsall

as investment in West Midlands' railway continues


Network Rail will be demolishing the second half of a railway bridge,

which forms part of Park Street, Walsall, this weekend (16/17 Jan 2016)

in one of the most complex moments of the Walsall to Rugeley electrification project,

and which forms a vital part of the national Railway Upgrade Plan

to bring passengers a better, more efficient railway.


The bridge, used by thousands of shoppers each day,

is an integral piece of the pedestrianised Walsall Park Street

with dozens of trains running underneath it every day.


The structure dates back to the 1930s

and needs replacing with a shallower version

to free up headroom for the overhead electrification lines

that will be installed underneath.


The £78m in electrification of the line between Birmingham New Street and Rugeley

will provide passengers with improved journey times and make services

more comfortable, reliable, quieter and greener.


Following years of planning the first phase of the work took place before Christmas

with the demolition and replacement of half of the bridge on the station side over seven weeks.

The second phase starts this weekend on the opposite side of the High Street

with pedestrians still enjoying access across the bridge and to the shops.


Matt Brown, scheme project manager for Network Rail, said:

“Technically this is relatively straightforward

but logistically it's the most complicated bridge I've ever had to deal with

because it's right in the middle of the town centre.


“We've made sure the key stakeholders are on board with the scheme.

We've had a close relationship with the local authority,

and the traders to educate people as to what we're doing and why we're doing it.


“When we start work over the railway on Sunday morning,

we'll be installing protection underneath the bridge

to shield the track and signalling infrastructure from any falling debris.


“We'll use two 30-tonne machines, which will start to split the beam from New Look to the centre into the middle.

One by one, the beams will be lifted out and taken offsite and recycled.


“The new bridge is a traditional concrete deck

and the beams will be craned in over about ten hours next weekend

and we're expecting to finish by Easter.


“It's been eye-opening. A lot of people don't even know there's a railway underneath

because of the nature of the High Street.”


Network Rail is investing £78m in electrifying the line between Birmingham New Street and Rugeley

providing passengers with improved journey times

and make services more comfortable, reliable, greener and quieter.



Walsall Station

once very prominent on Park Street

is now accessed by an entrance at the side of M & S

since the pedestrianisation of Park Street.

























Photos Courtesy Network Rail



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April 1910


Walsall - Aldridge - Birmingham closed Jan 1965 : Walsall - Wednesfield - Wolverhampton closed July 1925




April 1910


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April 1910


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