When the Clitheroe Line re-opened in 1994,

the intermediate stations were all unstaffed halts.


To prevent the degeneration into vandalised wrecks, Ribble Valley Rail pioneered the "Friends of Stations" concept.

With the blessing of the railway authorities, and, with full insurance cover, RVR Volunteers "adopted" the stations.

As a result of the Friends' work, the stations have suffered relatively little vandalism. When it does occur, the resulting mess is quickly tidied up. This seems to discourage further attacks as the culprits' "signatures" are promptly removed.

Broken fixtures and fittings are reported to the authorities, who are constantly monitored to ensure repairs are carried out.

This results in tidy, well-lit stations, which are more user-friendly, and, we like to think, attract more people to use the trains.


Some examples of the "Friends of Stations" work are shown below:




Every summer, an array of over forty hanging baskets and flower boxes

adorn CLITHEROE station.

These attract admiring comments from Clitheronians and visitors alike.

Less glamorous tasks include platform cleaning and the repainting of station furniture when required.

In September 2010, the Station Gardens, managed by RVR Member Gordon Wilson & Team,were awarded 2nd place in the ACoRP Community Rail Awards (Local Station Environment Section) - a fitting accolade for all their hard work over the years.


Right & Below:

Clitheroe July 2011























Colin Rushton and Gordon Wilson, just two of the many RVR Members, who, voluntarily, give up their time to maintain the attractive appearance of Clitheroe, and other stations on the line. with much activity being undertaken behind the scenes to obtain the flowers and other items for station enhancement.

Below right: July 2011












Similar duties are undertaken at


Having the backdrop of

Whalley Nab

with a close proximity to

Whalley Viaduct

also helps to maintain

a country station ambience

Photo: A. Bowles


During 2011,

Alan Bowles, and many of the RVR Team,

were very busy at WHALLEY

ordering, preparing for, and arranging

their very colourful and much-admired

display below:






Spring 2012

Photos: A Bowles









where a well-stocked station garden

is cared for.


In the first year of service,

we campaigned for

improved lighting, subway drainage,

and a properly-surfaced

station approach.


. . . and now, in 2010, a quite delightful station entrance (below) has been achieved,

a credit to all involved in the project.


Photos: B. Haworth








In the more urban environment of


a great deal of time is spent tidying up after the local "yoofs",

who delight in smearing takeaway curry over the platform.

Also, a limited amount of platform maintenance is undertaken.

No, this is certainly not the glamorous side of railways.






A wrecked shelter awaits repair by contractors but toughened "glass", subsequently installed, has now helped to reduce the problem but the panes are still not completely immune to damage.

Fortunately, the above is not the norm, and ISS are reasonably prompt in undertaking repairs.


CCTV surveillance has also now been installed on the station,

and is proving effective.

An example of a typical


full of useful information,

which is regularly updated



FLOWER TUB Replacement



Colin Rushton, Peter Moore

and Keith Lakeland

downtools temporarily for a photograph

whilst replacing the flower tubs


at Ramsgreave & Wilpshire

16 Nov 2007



Brian Haworth, Colin Rushton, and Dean Weaver hard at work removing the old tubs on Platform Two at

Ramsgreave & Wilpshire

The tubs, themselves, look very sturdy but the whole operation to replace them turned out to be much more difficult than anticipated, and very time-consuming.

Well done to all those involved, including several not actually shown in the photos!

Sunday 18 Nov 2007

Photos: N. Kirby






Peter Moore takes his turn to supervise

the replacement by Bill Briggs, Brian Haworth,

and Keith Lakeland


The same team continuing their excellent work at Langho

Photos: S. Clarke

21 Nov 2007









Photos: S. Clarke

27 Feb 2008




Ramsgreave & Wilpshire


August 2010


August 2010


Two of several well-tended flower boxes that now adorn Ramsgreave & Wilpshire, and whose plants, materials & maintenance are provided by donations from both Ramsgreave and Wilpshire Parish Councils.


Similar flower tubs are also located

on other Clitheroe Line Stations



March 2012



Craig Ward, pictured by one of the flower boxes, funding for which he helped to provide (see above) as a Parish Councillor, and who is, himself, very much directly involved in the planting and maintenance of the some of the most attractive flower displays to be found on Ribble Valley Stations this summer.


Many thanks to Craig, and to the Parish Councils of both Ramsgreave and Wilpshire, for your support - so very much appreciated.


Photos: N. Kirby



We have achieved much, but we are always looking out for new blood.

Even help, on an occasional basis, would be welcome.



So, if you would like to become a Friend of one of the Clitheroe Line Stations,


please contact :


"Friends of Stations"


Brian Haworth


Email to:



and he will put you in touch with the right people.



We will then be in touch in short order . . .



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