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Past & Present


Sign outside Clitheroe Interchange based on children's drawings

from the Meet Me At The Station exhibition

held at the Platform Gallery during May/June 2010









Clitheroe Station, with covered footbridge and other valued facilities, in L&Y days - exact date unknown

Above photos courtesy Mary Dawber


King Street, Clitheroe, looking towards the Railway Station with the Police Station on the left and the Post House on the right - date unknown.









Clitheroe before the Interchange with passengers awaiting the Saturday Charter service to Preston circa 1990


Clitheroe Interchange









Clitheroe Interchange and the Bus Departure Bays


An afternoon train passes the site of Clitheroe Goods Yard bound for Manchester Victoria









At Clitheroe Station, a departing train passes the Platform Gallery and the site of the former footbridge, a replacement being highly desirable.


A very striking and attractive autumnal photograph of Clitheroe Castle, as captured by RVR member, Peter Bleasdale









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Clitheroe Station, September 2008


Clitheroe Station, July 2005, looking towards Low Moor Crossing as viewed in RVR Cab Ride










Horrocksford Jct. Signal Box, which now controls all train movements at Clitheroe, and the commencement of the very long 13 mile block section onwards to Hellifield, and into which all reversing trains must enter, albeit for only 100 yards, or so, and sometimes the source of irritating delay caused by a freight train being in the section.

. . . as viewed in RVR Cab Ride film "To Hellifield and Back"


Clitheroe Interchange and Clock, with RVR Member, Gordon Wilson, watering one of the many floral displays to be found at the station.









Chatburn Station in May 1960



Chatburn Station in July 2005, as viewed from RVR Cab Ride.


Almost unrecognisable and much changed from the photo on the left, can the Manchester - Clitheroe service be extended a few miles to Chatburn by perhaps rebuilding just one platform?

Just a thought!








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6201, Princess Elizabeth, passes Clitheroe with a southbound Cumbrian Mountain Express July 2003


66151 drifts down to the signal at Low Moor Crossing near Clitheroe Sept 2003

The Ribble Valley Line serves as a vital supply link for S&C maintenance as well as a diversionary route for the West Coast Main Line.









Class 66, no. 66223, passes Clitheroe on 23 March 2003


Royal Train, which had just dropped HRH Prince Charles at Clitheroe to visit the Interchange during January 2003







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A view towards Clitheroe Station, taken by Ken Roberts in January1961.

The stone-built Goods Shed stands, still in use, to the right of the picture as the local goods train awaits departure, having shunted the yard.

The Gas Works Branch can be seen diverging to the left under the semaphore signal, the Gasometer, with its ornate iron work, being clearly visible.

The Signal Box can be seen beyond this branch as can the station platforms and buildings.

The Parish Church Spire and the Station Hotel can be picked out as can the Cement Work's Chimneys.

Note the number of signals and telegraph posts in this picture.




Compare and contrast with this picture taken by Brian Haworth in March 2011 and observe how things have changed!

The Stone Goods Shed and Goods Yard have now been ripped up, and replaced by a Booths' Supermarket with its large car park.

Signals and telegraph poles have since disappeared, along with the Gas Works.

The Cement Work's Chimneys have now been replaced by a much larger structure.

The links remaining with Ken's original photograph are the Parish Church, the Station Hotel, the Railway Station, and, of course, Bawdlands Bridge, from where both photographs were taken.










Above: Clitheroe Station (centre) and the Post House (far right) viewed from the Clitheroe Castle circa 1890

Photo from the Haworth - Greenwood collection

Below: Same scene and location photographed during the summer of 2006

Photo: W. Briggs






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Photo of Clitheroe looking along Castle Street as viewed from the Castle by David Johns


Clitheroe Station with its array of semaphore signals in 1961










Left & Right: Views of Clitheroe & Station Goods Yard

circa 1915

Above photos from the collection of the late Mrs. M. Briggs











Clitheroe station sign based on paintings produced by Local Primary School pupils


Photos: P. Bleasdale, W. Briggs, C. Carr, G. Dudley, K. Geddes, B. Haworth, N. Kirby, K. Roberts




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