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Ken Roberts (centre)

surrounded by some of the RVR Members, who were present

at an informal 80th Birthday Presentation & Supper

held after an RVR Committee Meeting at the New Inn, Clitheroe on 1st September 2008


Photo: S. Clarke







Chatburn Goods Yard August 1961



2 - 6 - 4 T on the last day of service,

5 September 1962,

crosses Two Gates Bridge

approaching Brownhill Cutting

with a Manchester Vic. - Hellifield train














In summer 1953,

a Hellifield 4F 0-6-0, 44579,

slogs up the bank through the

original Wilpshire (for Ribchester) station


with a rake of

empty wooden-bodied coal wagons.



Unknown Black 5 heads north

through the disused Wilpshire Station

with an excursion in July 1964














Lower Darwen (24D) ex LYR Aspinall 0-6-0

(built 1889)

trundles the pickup freight

tthrough Wilpshire Station

circa 1950


Fairburn Tank, 42154,

drifts down Cemetery Hill

on a local Hellifield / Blackburn stopper

with attached Fish Van June 1957














With Pendle Hill in the background,

un-named ‘Patriot’ 4-6-0 45517,

climbs Langho Bank

in charge of the 4.45 p.m. Hellifield / Liverpool

September 1962.


Jubilee 4.6.0, no. 45607, “FIJI”,

makes light work of Langho Bank

on a Hellifield/Liverpool service

passing Langho Signal Box

during June 1957














At Langho Signal Box - details not yet known










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43014 / 43013 on 15:39 Bournemouth / Edinburgh

at Chatburn Cutting


on 24 May 1993


Royal Scot, class 46160,

Queen Victoria’s Rifleman,


storms up Langho Bank 

approaching Wilpshire station 


in charge of a Glasgow/Blackpool special

during July 1964.


These services were normally

worked south from Carlisle

by Lower Darwen men

















Pullman Cars

at Blackburn













Interior of an L & Y 1st Class Coach

on an excursion to Morecambe Euston Road


in the early 50s


Patriot, 45535, E Tootal Broadhurst,

heads a Saturday only Summer Service

Manchester Vic. - Glasgow via Hellifield

and observed approaching Wilpshire

June 1962


- Note the Gresley articulated coach.











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Sunset at Langho Station in the mid - 1950s


Unidentified “Crab” heads north

through Rimington

in the late Fifties.


Clitheroe/Gunnie Cement

climbs towards Wilpshire Tunnel

with two class 37s in charge


June 1986


Two Class 37s, 37422 / 37605, ease 6SO3,

the Clitheroe/Gunnie Cement working,

round the curve towards Brownhill Cutting


on 22 April 1992




Unidentified 2-6-2T Fairburn Tank

works the local pick up, bunker first,

up Cemetery Hill


with Presflo Cement Wagons

bound for Horrocksford

in transit






Platform 4


Puddles emphasise the open aspect

of Platform 4

at Blackburn Station


as passengers await the

10:01 Blackburn - Manchester Vic.

running sixteen minutes late

with a single class 153 in charge


15 Nov 2003


Icy conditions prevail on Platform 4

at Blackburn Station


making life very uncomfortable

for passengers awaiting the

10:01 Blackburn - Manchester Vic,

which was running ten minutes late


on 28 Jan. 2004








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Two years before closure,

Heysham - Morecambe (Prom.) - Lancaster (Green Ayre) - Lancaster (Castle)

Electric Unit M28221M

approaches its destination

in May 1964





PENN STATION xxxxNew York City

3.18 on xxx11th September 2001

Shortly after the station had re-opened

Photo: K. Roberts


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