Gallery 4


Updated: 15 May 2015



Carlisle Station on 1 August 2004


with Virgin Class 57, Thunderbird,

in a middle road,

and the Arriva DMUs in the background.



Blea Moor Signal Box

on an RVR visit during July 2000















A northbound Voyager passes through Clitheroe

on 23 Mar 2003


with a glimpse of the Castle Cement Works

in the background

and the benches maintained by RVR

just visible on the right.


66223 passes on 6S55 23 Mar 2003














Class 66, no. 66116, passes Clitheroe

en-route from Basford Hall to Settle & beyond

on 30 Sept 2003


45407, with 47854 tucked inside, passes Clitheroe

with the St. James' Day Tripper

8 May 2004














57310 drags 1M18 Glasgow Central - Euston

through Clitheroe

on 17 Jan 2004



"The Pendle Witch" excursion at Clitheroe














D9016 at Clitheroe on 28 December 2003



47816 drags 1M18 Glasgow Central - Euston

over the A59 at Chatburn

on 24 January 2004,


with the picturesque expanse of the Ribble Valley

in the background.






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150140 leaving Clitheroe with 2J78 to Rochdale

on 8 May 2004



Double-headed steam passing through Clitheroe Station

with its very attractive floral display














Skipton Station - Spring 2003



Blackburn Sunset

after a busy day of Santa Services

December 2003















A visit to the National Rail Museum in York


where RVR member, Ken Roberts,

draws attention to some interesting relics

from a bye-gone age.











November 2001






Before refurbishment



During refurbishment








Following the complete re-laying of track

between Daisyfield Jct. and Horrocksford Jct.

in both directions,

completed during December 2009,


the line speed over the Whalley Viaduct

has now been revised upwards to 40 m.p.h. (?)









Above: Snow-covered Pendle Hill viewed from Clitheroe Castle

Left: Castle Street, Clitheroe - Below: "Flying home"

Below: Wellgate taken in October 2003    



















150th Anniversary Celebrations



Bank Holiday Sunday 28 May 2000


101685, "The Green Goddess",

arriving at Manchester Piccadilly

from Longsight depot.


Some RVR members then travelled

on the unit to Clitheroe.



The WPC is from BTP,

not the local constabulary













A headboard was produced for the day,

and here it is being shown off

at Clitheroe


Gordon Wilson sees the Dalesrail away

while Ian Tingle observes the Special












101683 was also involved in a day

of Clitheroe - Blackburn shuttles.


This was long before the regular hourly Sunday service.

Local dignitaries meet the first Special from Blackburn











We had 101681 as well,

making a total of three units

involved on the day

101861 heads for Horrocksford















101681 comes on platform at Clitheroe
Chairman Moore aboard 101685













The late Alex Holden, with RVR tie, checking tickets.


Sadly, as may be recalled, Alex tragically died,

whilst on duty, several years later.


Yes, it is Bill Briggs at the front of the saloon












101681 in the bay at Blackburn

Sunday evening, and the last 'special'

sets off for Blackburn and Longsight depot






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Dates unknown





King Edward the First

with a southbound Cumbrian Mountain Express

Approaching Ais Gill Summit












Almost there, speed down to 15mph
Green Arrow at Blackburn













Preserved Deltic D9000 passes Clitheroe

observed by RVR Members

early 1999

Blue Peter hauls an excursion through Clitheroe







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