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Special Traffic

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Part Two


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Ribble Valley Section

NK writes:

Intermediate Block Signals have now been installed between Daisyfield and Horrocksford Junctions

- one set is located on the Down Line (towards Clitheroe) approaching Langho, and the other on the Up Line (towards Blackburn) at Whalley.


At my specific request, Alan Bowles has kindly photographed the Home/Starter at Whalley,

and possibly the signals at other locations may also be displayed in due course, although access may be difficult for photographic purposes.



Photos: A. Bowles

December 2009











































Whalley Station" illuminated" at night by the signal





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on 4 Nov 2009

Photos: S. Clarke


66174 approaches Horrocksford from the north




In bright sunshine & torrential rain, 66174

awaits a road into the cement works


66174 eases over West Bradford Road crossing




66174 enters the cement works to collect the loaded tanks





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on 23 Sept 2009

by David Butterworth


At 11:55

the cement empties, headed by 66141,

arrived at Horrocksford Junction


and drew past the signalbox,

ready to set back onto the branch.


As nothing happened for quite a while,

it was clear that there was a problem.


At about 12:10,

the service train was due to make its own turnback.

This train, (150272), duly arrived

and was held at the signal.




At 12:20,

the signalman, assisted by the shunter and another railman,

applied a clamp to the faulty point . . .




. . . . and at 12:28

the cement train was then able to safely cross the junction.


When it was clear, the service train

was able to cross over as normal,


and, fortunately, it was still able to make an

on-time departure from Clitheroe at 12:40.




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by David Butterworth

8 March 2010


10.00 train from Manchester (156483) passing Standen Hey foot crossing

on its approach to Clitheroe, running some 10 minutes late,

in bright spring sunshine on Monday 8 March 2010







The on-time return journey of 156483 as it passes

under the recently reconstructed occupation bridge

below Lower Standen Hey Farm.


A few years ago, this stretch was very badly drained,

with weeds growing between the rails.


Now, we see both lines are of continuously welded track,

and suitable for a much higher speed than the present 45 mph.





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An immaculately clean Duchess of Sutherland, No.6233,

arrives at Blackburn on 29 June 2003,

Photo: C. Carr



45407, heads the St. James' Day Tripper

on Langho Bank near Billington Cutting

Photo: B. Haworth










On 13 March 1999. Deltic class D9000, Royal Scots Grey, powers up the 1 in 82 bank

just south of Langho station, Pendle Hill in the background,

with the diverted 1O38 Glasgow - Bournemouth.

Photo: E. Buckley



Gresley Pacific 4472, Sir Nigel Gresley,

heads over Entwistle Viaduct

with a southbound excursion in the mid 1980s.

Photo: E. Buckley










Early Morning Steam


At approximately 08:15 on a bright, sunny morning,

Ian Riley’s steam locos 76079 and 45407

head northwards down the bank towards Langho

with a special from Manchester Vic. to Carlisle

on Saturday 26 March 2005.

Photo: E. Buckley



47709, passes Clitheroe

with a northbound Cumbrian Mountain Express

on 19 July 2003.



Photo: C. Carr










A rare visitor to RVR metals, Class 52 Western Hydraulic,

No. 1015, 'Western Champion'

cuts a fine sight rolling down Langho Bank in what was an experimental livery “Golden Ochre”

on 3 September 2005.

For historians, this locomotive hauled the empty stock working of Pullmans, which formed Sir Winston Churchill’s Funeral Train in 1965.

Photo: B. Haworth


On 21 January 2006, Class 67, 67005, in Royal Train Livery,

pilots classmate 67027 across Whalley Arches

on a Bristol - Carlisle enthusiasts special.



Photo: E. Buckley











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John Deere Gator, in rail mode and acting as a personnel carrier,

approaches the former Wilpshire Station


en-route to Wilpshire Tunnel

during the blockade of January 2007.

Photo: N. Kirby



A special excursion, hauled by a Class 40,

passes through Clitheroe Interchange


Photo: G. Dudley












Above: Cement Train prepares to leave Horrocksford Junction in early sixties. Traffic is expected to return to this siding November 2007 thereby considerably easing road congestion.

Note: Presflow Cement Wagons and Old Gasometer on the skyline

Photo: K. Roberts

Left: 46203, ‘Princess Margaret Rose’ , digs in to the climb up to Gisburn, just North of Rimington, with a north-bound ‘Cumbrian Mountain Express’ on Saturday, 13th August 1994. Pendle Hill broods darkly in the background.

Photo: E. Buckley

Below left: Class 60 60094 pilots 47793 on a Northbound diverted West Coast Main Line service crossing Swanside Viaduct on 24th April 1993

Photo: K. Roberts

Below: Class 60 60029 stands adjacent to Castle Cement Engine Shed awaiting its naming ceremony on 4th July 1998. (The loco was named “CLITHEROE CASTLE”)

Photo: B. Haworth


























Above photo: W. A. Camwell

For many, the concept of coal traffic conjures up images of wagons loaded with lumps and cobs of coal,

the reality of the modern fuel for power stations is a pulverised commodity, which can be clearly seen in transit

as 6M45, a diverted MGR service, slogs up Langho Bank

with class 66, 66225, in charge

on 11 May 2003

Photo: B. Haworth



Blackburn to Darwen trams - dates unknown

Tram photos from the collection of RVR member, Geoffrey Hilditch, OBE

For further information about Blackburn Trams, click here












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Stanier 8F 2-8-0, no. 48125, passes Duckworth Mill

at Roe Lee in 1962

with a northbound freight (probably Coton Hill - Carlisle)

Photo: M. Chapman


Christmas 1988,Class 47, No. 47532, tackling ‘Newsholme Bank'

with 1T14 Ramsbottom–Carlisle charter

with a perfectly lit Pendle Hill as the backdrop.

Photo: J. Matthews












Loadhaul DMS unit, No. 55012,

runs into the Horrocksford Branch on 25 October 1996

after having arrived from Healy Mills

on a route-learning special 5Z45.

Photo: J. Matthews



The unit reposes in the sylvan setting

of the Horrocksford Branch prior to the coal traffic returning.


Photo: J. Matthews











Class 60, No. 60050, crosses Whalley Viaduct

with a northbound freight.

Photo: J. Matthews




On Saturday 26 April 2003, LMS Pacific 6201, Princess Elizabeth, worked a south-bound charter over the S&C and B&H.

She had a scheduled water stop at Blackburn at Gilbraith’s yard,

just west of Blackburn Station.

Framed by the Blackburn skyline, she is seen being coaled as well, there having been no more than two shovels-full left

on arrival at Blackburn.

Photo: E. Buckley














Resembling a garden shed on wheels,

a PW Trolley heads south down Cemetery Hill

towards Blackburn during 1959

Photo: K. Roberts


Railtrack MPV, DR98909, in weed killing mode,

approaches Clitheroe in May 2001

Photo: C. Carr












To celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the formation of Ribble Valley Rail

on Sunday, 9 September 2007


Northern Rail provided some of their much-admired special-liveried 156s

for the final DalesRail 2007 services to Carlisle

Photo: E. Buckley



Above left

the 4-car formation on arrival at Carlisle in Platform One.


the same set reposes in the sidings before forming the final DalesRail 2007 service back to Blackpool North.


Photo: E. Buckley











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returned to the Horrocksford Branch

on 18 March 2008 for a trial run


prior to the introduction

of a regular service.

Photos: S. Clarke










37401 passing Horrocksford box

prior to carrying out the shunt manoeuvre

to gain access to the branch


Close up of the newly-manufactured Polish tanks












37401, as it passes during the shunt move



37401 drawing the 15 empty tanks on to the branch

at Horrocksford












Oliver Cromwell, No. 70013

traversing the Ribble Valley en-route to Carlisle







BR Pacific No. 70013, "Oliver Cromwell",

storming Langho Bank on 4 August 2008

Photo: B. Haworth


"Oliver Cromwell" heads away from Langho Station

on a downhill gradient towards Whalley Viaduct

on 10 August 2008

Photo: B. Haworth












Six days later, "Oliver Cromwell" returned to the Ribble Valley,

and is now observed surmounting the climb up Cemetery Hill Bank

on the approach to Ramsgreave & Wilpshire Station

on 10 August 2008

Photo: E. Buckley




Waiting photographers now getting that nostalgic whiff of steam


Photo: E. Buckley










Getting nearer and nearer to the station . . . .

Photo: E. Buckley




. . . . just about to pass under the road bridge at R&W

Photo: E. Buckley










"Oliver Cromwell" now steaming through Ramsgreave & Wilpshire,

to the delight of waiting spectators, and other photographers

Photo: N. Kirby




. . . . . . and heading towards the former station at Wilpshire

en-route to Carlisle

Photo: N. Kirby









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xxx writes:

46115 “Scots Guardsman” on “The Lune Habitat”, Carnforth to Chester, just south of Langho at 9.15 this morning, 6th September 2008.


The weather conditions were “extremely challenging” to say the least, but it was worth getting a soaking just to experience the sight and sound of a Royal Scot at full chat, for the first time in over FORTY YEARS!














































On Saturday 1 August 2009, at 17:45 hrs LMS Pacific 6201, Princess Elizabeth, was noted on duty hauling the "Cumbrian Mountain Express" bound for Liverpool, and captured by Ted at Ramsgreave & Wilpshire.





Leaving the closed "Wilpshire (for Ribchester) Station in the background.


Proceeding slowly on the approach to Ramsgreave & Wilpshire Station towards the end of its long climb up Langho Bank.












Below: The summit of the bank is now in sight.

Right: Now observed on its descent down into Brownhill Cutting then Cemetery Hill and finally into Blackburn.















Steam in the Ribble Valley during weekend of 8/9 August 2009


Duchess of Sutherland glimpsed

from the Petre Arms near Langho

on Saturday 8 August 2009

Photo: S.Clarke



Scots Guardsman charges up Langho Bank

on the Wakes Week Special to Blackpool

on Sunday 9 August 2009


Photo: S.Clarke












Whalley Arches on 9 February 2010


Northern unit 150228 crosses Whalley viaduct

on 2N54 15.00 Manchester Vic. - Clitheroe

Photo: S.Clarke



GBRf 66710 crosses Whalley Arches

in charge of 4C77 Fiddlers Ferry - Newbiggin gypsum train

Photo: S.Clarke













GBRf 66710 approaches Whalley Arches

in charge of 4C77 Fiddlers Ferry - Newbiggin gypsum train

Photo: S.Clarke












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