In and around


Lower Darwen, Spring Vale & Entwistle

Past & Present








During 1987, the rail bridge over Atlas Road

(adjacent to Darwen Station)

was renewed.


A rail replacement coach for Bromley Cross

and a minibus for Entwistle

await arrival of the shuttle train from Blackburn.



Photo: R. Hayes




The station buildings have gone,

replaced by a “bus shelter”,

revealing the row of terraced houses

at the far side of the station

and the former stationmaster’s house on the left.


The exact spot, from which the photograph on the left,

was taken was obstructed by a skip!


Photo: W. Briggs











The north end of Darwen station,

looking towards Blackburn,


showing the remains of the original platforms.


Photo: W. Briggs


Remains of the double track, whose re-instatement

is long-awaited,

on the approach to Hoddlesden Jct. no longer in-situ




Photo: B. Haworth











A view looking at the newly singled track taken

from above the northern portal of the Sough Tunnel

in the early 1970’s.


Note the absence of trees / shrubbery on the cutting sides.


Photo: B. Haworth


The same scene taken in February 2004

from the only viewpoint

remaining and available

due to the increased vegetation.



Photo: W. Briggs





















4F 0-6-0 44389 stands next to

Ivatt 2-6-0 43118 (24D)

on 11 June 1965


Photo: B. Holland


A miscellany of Locos on Lower Darwen Shed

on 28 March 1965.



Photo: B. Holland











Horwich “Crab” 2-6-0 42898 (24B) Rose Grove,

ready for action at Lower Darwen Shed

on 27 March 1965.


All Lower Darwen
photographs by B. Holland,
courtesy Peter Eastham


The above photos of Lower Darwen Motive Power Depot

appeared in RVRNews 72

to illustrate an article written by Brian Haworth.


To view the Text and the Engine Shed Track Plan,

please click here.


The Darwen line diverges at Bolton Road Jct., Blackburn.

Freckleton Street bridge, in the background,

has now been demolished,


and is currently being replaced by a new one,

an architect's drawing being featured in Gallery 1.



Photo: B. Haworth











The view looking towards Blackburn

from the back cab of a Santa Special

passing milepost 20½.


The “sandtrap” points can clearly be seen

n the approach to Darwen Station.


Photo: B. Haworth


View of Darwen Station


from the Guard’s cab



Photo: B. Haworth











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The 12:08 leaving Darwen

23 September 2003




Photo: C. Carr


Stanier Black Five 44767, Stephenson,

pounds up the bank

past the remains of Spring Vale Station


with “The Norseman” Rail Tour,

the first steam working over Copy Pit since 1968,

on 18 March 1995

Photo: E. Buckley











Entwistle Station and Signal Box

date unknown (as yet)


Photo: B. Haworth Collection


Entwistle Station now


Photo: B. Haworth











Above: Entwistle Station circa 1903

- photo courtesy of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society


Below: Original track diagram for Entwistle



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